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W1 | Vanda Borges

Have you ever drunk a coffee knowing where it was grown and by the hands of whom it passed before reaching your cup? This is the goal of the series Each Flavor a Story that we had the pleasure of creating for the Specialty Coffee Roaster, Wolff Café. In this second episode, we portray Vanda and Mauricio, coffee producers who touched our hearts with beauty and joy. We hope that just as we did, you can feel the love that unites them and how it transfers to every coffee bean they grow together.

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WOLFF CAFÉ each flavor a story | EP. 02
corporate commercial video | 02'41''

Mariana Maria

Head of Marketing | Wolff Café

“When we first contacted inner features we were looking to translate the values of our brand into a corporate video. We ended up finding much more than that! The creative and curious eyes and ears of this team showed to be aligned with our purpose from the beginning, capturing our essence with unique sensitivity and giving us the opportunity to show our best in cinematic videos, full of emotion and truth. I’m very grateful for this beautiful work!”

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