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Wolff Café is a Specialty Coffee Roaster that is changing the lives of small producers in Brazil by means of a product that reflects much of the country’s history, but to our surprise we knew so little about it. Here at the studio we were lucky to discover and dive into (literally) the specialty coffee universe and it is with great joy that we share the first episode of the series Each Flavor a Story, that presents the different characters behind Wolff Café’s delicious coffees. This first one portrays Hugo Wolff, the leader of the pack.

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WOLFF CAFÉ each flavor a story | EP. 01
corporate commercial video | 02'41''
our client's testimonial

Hugo Wolff

Founder and Chief Roaster | Wolff Café

“The video created by inner features conveys tenderness in every phrase, glance and movement. Of the people that I saw watching this little piece of our work, most of their reactions were emotion expressed in the form of tears. Nothing planned, just purely recorded. This degree of presence and love to life, and their work, motivated me to write these words. Just like Wolff Café, any company that wants to share their message through the lenses of these guys will be very successful”.


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