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about us

we are a creative studio
that produces audiovisual

inner features

a commitment, a posture.

The act of introspection

in search of what’s best

within us, our life, our work.

That’s what inner features means

and that’s what we propose,

to delve inwards towards the core

to extract the raw beauty,

the sheer purity and the truth.

who trusts us

logo cubo itaú transparente colorido

“Inner Features is a finding, a really good one! Super thoughtful, attentive and committed professionals. This posture makes all the difference so that the results are aligned with our expectations. I highly recommend them!”
Manuella Borges
Marketing Manager | Cubo Itaú
logo wolff cafe preto
“The video created by Inner Features conveys tenderness in every phrase, glance and movement. Of the people that I saw watching this little piece of our work, most of their reactions were emotion expressed in the form of tears. Nothing planned, just purely recorded. This degree of presence and love of life and their work, motivated me to write these words. Just like Wolff Café, any company that wants to share their message through the lenses of these guys will be very successful
Hugo Wolff
Founder and Chief Roaster | Wolff Café
logo grupo farmabrasil preto transparente
“To us it was a great experience working with Gustavo in the production of our first institutional video. Creativity and professionalism are qualities that we recognize and witnessed. But, perhaps more importantly, was to count on – throughout the work – the effort and commitment of Inner Features’ team to improve the final product; a great video that met our expectations and needs
Dr. Reginaldo Arcuri
Executive President | Grupo FarmaBrasil
logo wolff cafe preto
“When we first contacted Inner Features we were looking to translate the values of our brand into a corporate video. We ended up finding much more than that! The creative and curious eyes and ears of this team showed to be aligned with our purpose from the beginning, capturing our essence with unique sensitivity and giving us the opportunity to show our best in cinematic videos, full of emotion and truth. I’m very grateful for this beautiful work!
Mariana Maria
Head of Marketing | Wolff Café
logo techstars preto transparente
“What I liked most about Inner Features was that they not only produced great coverage, but that Gustavo also came to experience the event as part of the audience. He managed to grab the essence of our mission and brilliantly translated it to the video. He and his team summarized all the Startup Weekend energy in a one-minute piece of work in an extremely fast delivery
Rafaela Herrera
Startup Weekend 2019 Facilitator | Techstars
logo idexo colorido transparente
“Working with Inner Features is a guarantee of quality of delivery. We have already worked together on three different projects and I was more than happy with the results. They are a super proactive team focused on enabling what the client expects and envisions. Besides that, Gustavo has a great aesthetic sense and brings many creative insights to the table”
Luiza Terpins
Head of Communications | iDEXO
logo beleaf transparente preto
“Working with Inner Features was a rewarding experience. During the process there was a deep and detailed immersion in the Beleaf culture and in the message we wanted to communicate. As a result, we got a video far above our expectations. I believe that the sum of this immersion and the experience they have in production was determinant for the success of the campaign and the quality of the work delivered. I could not recommend them more
Jônatas Mesquita
CMO and Co-founder | Beleaf

logo libbs negativo transparente

“Speaking about the production of biotechnological medicine is not a simple task — addressing the entire value chain and stakeholders involved is even more complex. At the briefing meeting it was obvious that Inner Features was the right company to take charge of the production of this series of videos. Gustavo knew how to combine the necessary knowledge and good script to a pleasant and modern aesthetic. The result couldn’t be better. We thank Inner Features for these videos with the certainty that we can count on an attentive and committed partner
Fabiana Guedes
Senior Communication Consultant | Libbs

gustavo antonio ceratti silva

director | producer | founder

telling stories that invite us to delve into the mystery,
beauty and profoundness of life is my main driving force,
which is behind all my dreams and projects
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